He's The Terminator

He can make you laugh

He lives the American Dream

While many Californians might be concerned that he is going to add to the air pollution and the desecration of the earth with his cigars and a Hummer (the Gov's gotta get around in style ya know!), maybe they should be more concerned about the new Governator's master plan.

What might that master plan be? Well, do we really know for sure if he's human? He seemed to have a special connection with the Predator, who was definitely not human. Of course The Terminator is not human, everyone knows that. Heck, Arnold's character from True Lies, Harry, was human but he was a master spy.

Just imagine - it's an awesomely amazing combination for a state Governor - especially for California since it has so many things screwed up to begin with. A governor who can scare the living daylights out of you, beat your hind end and make you wonder "What just happened and who the heck was that?"

That's something to be envied. Perhaps the State of Illinois should look for their own action star Governor to put things back on track.

Of course - when looking at Arnold the man, versus Arnold's characters - it really is important to remember that the characters were fictional. It is doubtful that Arnold is a cyborg - you'd think he'd have shown some signs of life by now.

While Arnold is currently in the midst of an incident with the IRS (looks like he owes them close to $80,000 in back taxes), he's proving to the world that a boy from post-World War Two Austria can live the American Dream.

He came to America speaking broken English and wriggled his way into our hearts while pumping some iron and packing on those bulging biceps. He romanced and married a Kennedy while he himself was a Republican (Remember - die-hard Democrats? What's not to love about that thumb-the-nose strategy?). Arnold Schwarzenegger moved on up through the ranks of American society until he claimed the prize of Governor of California. He's even on the Internal Revenue Service's bad side - just like many of us plain old Joe Schmoes.

He's managed to do all of these things with a smile (we're assuming his smile is genuine and is not gas - we'll just go with genuine). Once again - what's not to love? Go Arnold - keep on living the dream for the rest of us (just make sure you pay your taxes, okay?).



Copyright Hyram King 2008