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The Terminator - fast food delivery driver??

A friend of mine is adamant that Arnold started life as a fast food delivery driver. Honestly. Can you imaging The Terminator delivering pizzas to your door? He'd have to extend his food delivery insurance to cover frightening his customers to death.

However, here's the top reason to love him: Because Arnold "The Terminator" can kill you quickly or slowly - depending upon his cyborg mood. No one wants to irritate The Terminator and getting on his bad side could prove to be fatal for you and everyone in the surrounding vicinity. This character might have come after Arnold the Barbarian - sorry, that should be Conan the Barbarian, but the unlovable man/machine is the role that most likely made Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name, right up there with Spam, Chevy and Tampax.

The movie, The Terminator (1984), first showcased Arnold as a quiet anti-hero who could terrify while saying very little. Arnold's Terminator reminded moviegoers that it is possible for an Energizer bunny-like cyborg to really screw up your day. Arnold's character kept going and going and going despite losing part of the flesh from his face, an eye (which provided an excruciatingly gruesome scene with a knife) and other body parts. Even when The Terminator was almost obliterated, he kept on coming. You gotta love a guy who is determined!

Arnold later showed a less prickly and more lovable Terminator with personality in 1992's Terminator 2: Judgment Day. He reprised the role of the misunderstood metal man with a heart of umm, metal, once again in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines in 2003.

The Terminator proved that you can die once, you can die twice, you can even die three times - but Arnold Schwarzenegger will always be around. After all he did promise "I'll be back."

Conan the Barbarian and the Destroyer (Because there were two of them)

If The Terminator doesn't convince you of your love for Arnold (or your need to love him, or else), then the blood-tinged sword and sorcery shenanigans of a certain barbaric and brutish hero named Conan should do the trick. Who wouldn't love a guy who has sex with a freaky witch then decapitates her? That's just smooth. Arnold was able to show off his toned and ripped abs as well as everything else, by running around in a loin cloth. That is definitely love-worthy.

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