This is time consuming as the various pages of the site can only be accessed via the "Home" page and only a few pages have links back to "Home." The "Home" page and the other pages need to be accessible from each page. The site navigation menu needs to be visible as soon as pages are opened instead of having to scroll down to find it.

Company Credibility

The site lacks an "About Us" section. Potential customers would want to know why they can trust "" Hence, an "About Us" section could be added which demonstrates the company's experience and expertise's in the industry.


There is excessive text on each page which could be overwhelming to viewers. The points should be summarised so that less text is needed.

The "Please click for a quotation" button is over-used throughout the site. In some instances (e.g. on the "Pay as you go van insurance" page) this button is too large and bright. There is a need to vary the wording and reduce the size of some of the buttons.

Many of the pictures used in the site appear to be low quality and the models look unnatural. Better quality images could be accessed from free stock photography websites.

The pages have white backgrounds, black text in the same font and similar layouts. This is monotonous. Variation in the colours, fonts and layouts could enhance the site's appeal.

Writing Style

The text reads a little stilted. A more conversational writing style would be more engaging.

The writing style tends to be long-winded. Hence, the information being included should be summarised.

Some sentences are too long making them difficult to follow (e.g. the second sentence of the first page). Long sentences need to be summarised and broken up into shorter sentences.


In ending, improved website design software and free stock photographs could be used to dramatically enhance the appeal and appearance of the site. This could allow gains from "'s" extremely valuable niche market to be maximised.

Copyright Hyram King 2008