He's The Terminator

He can make you laugh

He lives the American Dream

He's human


Why We Should All Love Arnold Schwarzenegger

Screen survivor of multiple spectacular car crashes (I hear he buys his car insurance from paythroughthenose.co.uk!), mass slaughter and blood soaked mayhem, he is a living legend. Before he became the 38th governor of the State of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger captured the hearts and imaginations of fans worldwide through his acting. Perhaps it wasn't so much his great acting, as his adequate acting and his larger-than-life presence and affability that caught the attention of moviegoers. No matter what makes someone an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, there's no denying: People love and adore the big guy. Here are four reasons (with lots of little reasons for the reasons - but we'll just call it four main reasons) why we should all love Arnold Schwarzenegger.

First good reason ....


 Is the law crazy?


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